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Characters are rarely written in a vacuum. Perhaps it was intentional that, given enough scrutiny, the written personalities of the main girl cast members of the Pokemon anime correlate with the presence (or non-presence) of their family members. This is probably a no-brainer but given what we’ve seen of all the girl cast members, their behaviors can easily be explained by the conditions of their home lives. The reason I put the girls in the spotlight is because they’re the only characters in the anime that have their relationships consistently portrayed with their families and therefore make a good case study as to the variations in their portrayal.

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aries - fucking weeb
taurus - otaku trash
gemini - sleeps w/ at least 2 waifu pillows
cancer - wants to be a mangaka
leo - entry level anime filth
virgo - likes sword art online
libra - owns all of evangelion on dvd
scorpio - subscribed to shonen jump
sagittarius - pocky eater
capricorn - wears neko ears to family events
aquarius - naruto runner
pisces - wapanese


would you like to buy some turnips


I found some wild Victreebel


The Dik Dik (actual name, real animal)


The single greatest picture ever taken in my life. We threw Yu-gi-oh cards at the ceiling fan to watch them scatter, and just happened to take a picture right at this exact moment. To this day, this is the only time I’ve ever heard of anyone breaking a ceiling fan blade with cards.


I have been trying to get this Raichu keychain figure charm for a week or so, and I finally have one!

This Raichu comes from the I Love Pikachu Plus line and the set includes Pikachu and Pichu. (More info)

Thanks to Gin who helped me win! I am so happy I can finally add this cutie to my mini Raichu collection.


"vocaloid phase" my ass

once u in vocaloid

u never out

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An anonymous submission to deep dark fears.

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@ eled0ra: yes, yes, exactly! If people were just treated neutrally or at least not on an assumed gender basis, that would save people many grievances. Also treating them on a person to person basis, since you learn people’s preferences over time and that’s always changing but heyyy. That is the ideal 8)

@ @senpoopmysenpoop eroproxy: it’s a journey it’s a struggle. Thank you tho yes time is too precious to sweat the small stuff. Back at u 2 senpoo, do and fit with what makes you most comfortable and don’t let anyone or anything dictate who u are and wanna be, not even me who continually dictates that ur cool and kinda fabulous

thanks nexerxv for praying for the aggressive anti-social rude fish


if you wanna take the mbti test, i recommend this one bc its worded very simply

also a tip: answer based on what you naturally wanna do or what you naturally prefer, dont answer based on what youre forced to do

@ eled0ra: that’s a pretty cool thing to have in your language! I know that in filipino there is only one all encompassing pronoun, but there are also other gendered words that act as markers.

In english, I think the pronouns are way more prevalent and are used all the time in speech to the point that you have to know if the person in question is ‘he’ or ‘she’ and I think it’s that implication that bothers people, especially because people are treated differently based on that knowledge alone.

@ nexerxv: oooh it was a shounen hero speech… that read like a term paper’s intro. //frowns loudly at. it okay it probably sounds better in person. 8’) ty for the uplift tho I feeru za raabu.

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