+Join! the! scouting! legion! today!+

d’oh didn’t think I’d get any more and already went to bed (on mobile).

I’ll get back to badly drawing things in Mspaint tomorrow and will tag u! feel free to leave more if u want, these are gr8 warmups hahaa

viral from gurren?

sure okay cool

✍ Batman

oh okay thank u anon.
I donut know much about batman other than his deep guttural voice and that he eats hot dogs like a ravenous beast

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Pls draw my goddess Lighting in MSPaint

make my wish come tru
let darkness fade 2 light…..

✍ Koga

oh, cool! thank u for this!

ninjalaptop said: ERWIN IS LOVE…ERWIN IS LIFE…

surely it’s okay to bastardize that phrase since it’s already a thing
here’s a source!!

✍ erwin

okay. thank.

Send me a ✍ and a character and I’ll draw the character horribly on MS Paint.

❝ Your heart is the size of a fist because you need it to fight. ❞

— Lora Mathis (via bonhivers)

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I like how everyone’s furry trash but now it’s like. Classy furry trash. No neon coloured wolves, just delicately drawn foxes and monsters and fawns. Like we’re still drinking shitty alcopop but now we’ve poured it into an Art Deco champagne flute.

oh my god


So this happened on Brazilian TV.

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me:*walking through hallways in school*
some kid: im so excited for anime club
me: *anime antagonist voice* tch..

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this felt like the Spirited Away falling scene and you can’t convince me otherwise



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